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The 2nd GOSC All Hands Meeting Recap

Date: Oct 17, 2022
Followed by the GOSC International Programme Office launch event, the 2nd GOSC All Hands Meeting (AHM) was held online on October 13, 2022. Rolling reports from the four working groups (WG) and five case studies (CS) mainly cover recent research progress, challenges, and future steps. Among all the notable progress, a GOSC white paper is on the way to provide open-science readers with the whole idea of the Global Open Science Cloud. A prototype for the GOSC testbed is almost ready for services. This prototype follows the open-science principles and assumes the responsibility to facilitate the implementation of the GOSC Initiative and to enhance international alignment between stakeholders. The future plan highlights several forthcoming activities, including the regional SDG-13 service demonstration based on convergent research resources, thematic biodiversity webinar on innovative data models, interoperability analysis between radar data systems, scope review of the national health data ecosystems and FAIR implementation, data interoperability analysis based on a survey, as well as the potential joint collaboration between the Governance and Policy WG, etc. 
"Bringing together science and information technology, commercials and non-commercials, science and society as a whole, the GOSC testbed aims for enhanced capacity building to bridge regional and domain gaps. And in long term, it is expected to be an ecosystem jointly supported by the whole stakeholder communities.", says Li Jianhui, the CAS GOSC project PI and GOSC TI WG co-chair. We see this GOSC AHM as a good opportunity to check the research progress promptly and help strengthen the interconnectivity between WGs and CSs within and across the GOSC community. This continued dialogue may also convince us to a stronger collaboration for co-building the Global Open Science Cloud in the long run. 
(Xueting LI, Lili ZHANG)
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