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Workshop of CODATA-CN on Open Data for Open Science was held

Date: Mar 03, 2022

On March 3rd, Open Data for Open Science Workshop was held successfully. The workshop was organized by CODATA China National Committee, around twenty experts and scholars with open science research background from the Institute of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and universities participated in the workshop. Lianglin Hu, Secretary General of the CODATA China National Committee, chaired the workshop. The workshop was composed of presentations by domain experts and following the discussions.

The participants had in-depth and enthusiastic discussions on the current situation and development of open data and open science, and concluded that the development will have a greater impact on the academic publishing community. Under the influence of relevant state policies and with the increasing call for open science, how to balance the relationship between data ethics, data security, and data standards is a major challenge in promoting open data sharing. Scientific researchers and the public will benefit from the development of open science. It is recommended to enhance open science education, carry out demonstration projects, increase the participation of universities, protect data property rights, and promote the implementation of open science in China by considering the actual needs of national development.

For details, please contact CODATA China National Committee (codata@cnic.cn).