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The Big Data Department Has Made Progress in the Cross Research of Big Bata and Social Sciences

Date: Nov 01, 2021

In view of the high value of method innovation, strong practical significance and broad application prospects of big data in the research field of Humanities and Social Sciences, continuous exploration of cross research between big data and social sciences has become one of the important development trends of today's scientific research.

Under the guidance of Professor Zhou Yuanchun, Wang Jing, during her postdoctoral work in the big data Department, took the massive mythological texts in China's multi-ethnic traditional culture as the starting point and relied on the knowledge graph technology and application laboratory to explore a new paradigm of "Big Data + Humanities and Social Sciences". From July 2020 to now, Wang Jing has publicly published a number of research achievements, such as Buluotuo Academic Research Trend and Knowledge Graph Analysis from the Perspective of Data, Field Investigation and Data Collection of Chinese Pangu Creation Myth, etc. Up to now, nearly 30000 pieces of data on Chinese basic mythological characters have been preliminarily formed with multi-ethnic mythological ancient books, oral texts and journal papers as data sources, involving 12000 mythological texts, 5300 papers and monographs of all ethnic groups in China.

In September 2021, Wang Jing successfully approved the 2021 National Social Science Fund with the title of Research on the Consciousness of the Chinese Nation Community Consciousness Based on Multi-ethnic Myth Big Data.Focusing on exploring the model and practice of social science big data, the project will discuss the following issues: data analysis and reconstruction of unstructured text, exploration of the association model of national community consciousness in mythological text, verification and reflection of the research conclusion of Chinese national community consciousness driven by big data, interdisciplinary integration theory and Application scenario exploration.The ultimate goal of the project is to establish a big data display and analysis platform for the myths of all Chinese nationalities and the consciousness of the Chinese national community, so as to better serve the social needs.

Research object and research process diagram

In the future, the project will use information technology to conduct in-depth exploration and practice in the field of social science research, and introduce the concept of big data into the interactive research of Chinese traditional culture and Chinese national community consciousness. In addition, the project will mainly adopt interdisciplinary research methods, and try to conduct in-depth mining, full sample research and knowledge graph construction of the community consciousness implied in multi-ethnic myths through data methods, so as to provide corresponding method innovation and data support for multi-perspective exploration and application of the Chinese national community consciousness in traditional culture.

For details, please contact Ms. Wang Jing (jwang@cnic.cn).