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CNIC Demonstrates Visualization Tools Easier to Use and Share

Date: May 22, 2019

During the Public Open Day of the Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Advanced Interactive Technology and Application Laboratory invited the public to use its GPVis Multiple AR Terminals Collaborative Interactive Visualization Platform, which was developed based on the mixed reality device and the combination of visualization technology and virtual reality technology.

The platform realizes visualization and interaction of data in a mixed reality environment, and supports the cooperation of multiple AR terminals and the cooperation between AR terminals and tablets. It has played an important role in promoting the scientific research and public appreciation of science in various fields such as earth science, fluid mechanics, and genomics.

A typical example is the electronic sandbox AR application based on the national high-performance computing environment. The application was demonstrated at the IEEE VR International Conference in 2019. By using this application, the administrator of the supercomputing environment can see the real-time running status of the supercomputer and make decisions on the scheduling of jobs and other aspects related to the management of the facility.

For details, please contact Ms. Gao Yang (gaoyang@cnic.cn).