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A New Key Laboratory of Press and Publication Approved by SARFT

Date:2016-12-30 Author:

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) recently announced the list of the first batch of key S&T and standards laboratories of the press and publication industry, which incorporates 26 laboratories in specific fields and 16 cross-disciplinary laboratories. The S&T Key Laboratory of AR/VR-based Knowledge Service proposed by CNIC and its partners was selected as a key laboratory in the direction of content representation and expression. 

The S&T and standards key laboratory initiative of SARFT was established to construct laboratories in specific and cross-disciplinary fields to improve the innovation capacity of the press and publication industry, promote the research and development of frontier technologies, and address the challenge of industry transformation and upgrading in the digital age. 

Under the support from the Big Data Department, the New Media Department and the Advanced Interactive Technology Laboratory of CNIC successfully applied for the S&T Key Laboratory of AR/VR-based Knowledge Service based on CNIC’s previous achievements and experiences in relevant fields such as new media, AR/VR and knowledge service. Partners of the proposal include Hong Xing Electronic Audio and Video Publishing House and Jiangxi New Media Publishing Group. Led by Prof. Xiao Yun of CNIC’s New Media Department, the laboratory will study the pattern of VR/AR-based knowledge service and key VR technologies for knowledge service, promote the use of new media technologies for better representation and expression of knowledge, and investigate relevant questions such as knowledge organization, knowledge expression, knowledge relevance and knowledge reconstruction in virtual environments. Through the above endeavors, the laboratory aims to make contributions to the production and sustainable development of the VR publication industry. 

For details, please contact Prof. Xiao Yun (xy@cnic.cn).