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Int'l Organization Membership

Key Member of the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN)

Date:2016-12-08 Author:


The Asia-Pacific Advanced Network is a non-profit international consortium in the Asia Pacific region established on June 3, 1997. It is aiming at coordinating and promoting network technology development and advance in network-based application and services; coordinating the development of an advanced networking environment for research and education communities in the Asia-Pacific region; and encouraging and promoting global cooperation in order to help to achieve the above goals.   

APAN is initialed by APAN-China, APAN-Japan and other international originations. APAN-China is mainly constituted by the China Science and Technology Network (CSTNET) and the China Education and Research Network (CERNET). As the key member of APAN represented by CSTNET, CNIC has participated and convened the APAN conference for over two decades, facilitating the cross-border interaction and cooperation in Asia-Pacific region.

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