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IoT-based solutions

Date:2016-11-25 Author:

CNIC provides IoT-based solutions for various industries with some examples as follows. 

1. Solution for Intelligent Agriculture

Collaborated with Guangzhou Experimental Station of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, CNIC selected the agricultural greenhouse as the object to design and implement the solution for intelligent agriculture. A series of sensors such as the air temperature and humidity sensors, soil temperature and humidity sensors, CO2 sensors and light intensity sensors are deployed to collect the environment data during the production of agricultural products; using ICT to record the production process such as the irrigation and the use of fertilizer and pesticide, and to deploy controllable devices for achieving remote or automatic irrigation and other smart production operations. Other improvements are also made such as the rational planning of each link and the establishment of the relationship among agricultural products - production process - production environment based on identification to allow the intelligent management in the whole process of agricultural production and information query.

2. Agricultural Product Traceability

The agricultural product traceability scheme was designed and implemented with Rural China Agricultural Product electronic business platform as a pilot application. Traceability code is provided to the production enterprises, achieving one single code for one product level traceability. The traceability information entry software is provided to record the information of agricultural products in the entire lifecycle. Managers and consumers can query traceability information through the client. Through the establishment of traceability system, enterprises are encouraged to pay attention to quality and credit, making agricultural products and food trade return to the market essence of "quality - credit".

3. Groundwater Resources Monitoring System

Collaborated with environmental protection enterprises, the groundwater environmental monitoring information management system was built for real-time monitoring of groundwater pollution, data analysis and early warning decisions. The system identifies groundwater monitoring points according to the management unit, the location and other characteristics; achieving identification-based monitoring data return and enabling visual data analysis and real-time warning. This system guarantees the authenticity, security and authority of the data on the basis of achieving the whole-process informationization and networking of groundwater monitoring. 

4. Sao Ma Shou 

Saomashou (Saoma is Chinese Pinyin for code sweeping) is the official sweeping code and traceability software application of the National Internet of Things Name Service Platform (NIOT) which supports the convenient product authentication and tracing by code sweeping of various types including bar code, QR code, baby product traceability code, agricultural product traceability code, drug monitoring code, express mail code, USA cross-border commodities code, etc.

5. Mosigh

Invented by the technical team of NIOT, Mosigh provides the HTML5 mobile site construction service platform to facilitate scene-based self marketing, supporting the development of companies especially small-sized and medium-sized enterprises.