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SELF: cross-disciplinary discussion among experts and the public

Date:2016-11-25 Author:

SELF is a public forum which is hosted and organized by CNIC and CAS Bureau of Science Communication. SELF is the abbreviation of Science, Education, Life and Future which advocates the discussion and interaction about the development of science, education, life and future in the spirit of "investigating the world to attain knowledge", encouraging independent thinking and free expression of thoughts across boundaries to inspire future innovation and new ideas. SELF invites outstanding professionals and masters from all walks of life to give 18-minute talks and interact with the audience on cross-disciplinary topics in monthly-held activities and annual conferences. SELF talks have been widely spread by well-known video websites and video channels of large portals in China such as qq.com, 163.com, tudou.com and youku.com and received positive feedback from the general public. In 2016, SELF has organized the cross-disciplinary discussion among experts and the public on a considerable number of big topics such as finding the best education, deep future, the beauty of rationality, the age of creators, exploring nature and our lives, life and evolution, HERSELF and 2016 Annual Innovation Conference.

a collection of SELF activities

SELF holds activities in China and the talks are usually in Chinese. Here is an example in English for you to understand what a SELF talk looks like: Fascinating Early Birds by Dr. Jingmai Kathleen O'Connor, Associate Professor of CAS Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology and one of the youngest foreign faculty members working at CAS. Jingmai participated in a SELF activity called HERSELF, which invited 8 female experts from different fields of science, humanities and business who inspired a large number of audience by sharing their professional experiences and ways to find "HERSELF". For instance, the talk by Prof. Xu Ying, the young female navigation system scientist from the CAS Academy of Opto-electronics, attracted a total hits of over 20 million and aroused the interest of many Chinese netizens. China's largest newspaper People's Daily published an article entitled We Need more Scientists like Xu Ying to Promote Public Understanding of Science.        


group photo of the invited female professionals in an activity called HERSELF