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Department of Cyber Space Security Technology and Application Development

Date:2016-11-11 Author:

The Department of Cyber Space Security Technology and Application Development is established to provide security services and develop cutting-edge security technologies such as network infrastructure security, cloud computing security, mobile internet security and security situation awareness analysis.

Main activities of the department include: to establish a robust and highly efficient network information security system through various layers between the network and desktop terminals as well as the multi-dimensional network information security environment, which enables the integrated detection and prevention of network attacks; to implement real-time monitoring for the identification of network information security incidents in addition to those detected from other channels, so as to prevent, control and minimize the hazard and impact of the information security incidents; to conduct the whole process ranging from information collection, technology research and evaluation, process execution to overall analysis through the security situation awareness platform using the big data analysis and data mining technologies; to protect the safe operating environment for networks, computers, related equipment, facilities and systems, and to ensure the safe operation of information systems and networks.
Adhering to the demand-oriented principle with a focus on providing secure technical support, the department will spare no effort to keep abreast of the latest development trend of network information security and develop independent core technologies to enable comprehensive network space security for the development of network information services.

Contact Information: +86-10-58812309, yangfan@cnic.cn