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R&D Departments

Science and Technology Cloud Operation and Technology Development Department

Date:2016-11-11 Author:

Main responsibilities of the S&T Cloud Development Department include: to integrate the cyberinfrastructure in and out of the academy using the cloud computing technology; to construct and operate the cloud infrastructure monitoring platform and moderately develop the remote monitoring of the basic resources at research institutions; to construct, operate and maintain the cloud service platform, achieving the on-demand scheduling, real-time monitoring and thorough examination of distributed heterogeneous resources and providing cloud resource services for individual users; to develop and maintain various services based on cloud resources such as the email system service, video conferencing service, passport service of CSTNET, document archiving service for working groups and conference organization platform; and to support the capacity building of research institutions on the operation, maintenance and application of the cyberinfrastructure.

Contact information: +86-10-58812868, guohaibin@cstnet.cn